Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Arizona Public Service - Another Corporate Rake

When one looks at the APS website you expect the usual lies and excuses about why they rape their customers but you wouldn't expect it to be so blatant. Here are their pat answers, none of which explains what they are really doing. They got the corporation commission to give them a 30 percent rate hike which isn't mentioned in the usual bullshit. One of their CSR's tried to tell me that air conditioning works on a degree system and not kilowatt hours (costs the same for the same time no matter what temperature it is) and told me your bill can drop 3 percent per degree. 
They actually expect poor people who use a evaporative cooling or live in a place with central air (a chiller system that cools the whole building down at the owner's expense) and a fan only and don't use their air conditioning at all to believe that the seasonal temperature somehow made their rates go up. Here is the standard BS from the liars and crooks at APS from their website.

temperature changes
Weather may account for up to 70% of your electric bill. Arizona’s extreme summer temperatures can create high electric bills. Your bill may increase as much as 50% during the summer months because of changes in the weather. Although you may not have changed your thermostat setting, air conditioners run longer as temperatures become hotter which increases energy usage.

seasonal electric rates
​Billing rates change seasonally. Our summer rates go into effect in May and continue through October when Arizona’s energy demand is higher. Our winter rates apply from November through April when energy demand is lower.

estimated meter reads
The kilowatt hour reading on your meter is continuous and any meter reads that are estimated will automatically adjust the following month.

Let me tell you what ESTIMATED METER READS means. If your neighbor, with himself, a wife, and eight kids of all ages from toddlers up to teens, and an assortment of pets, has an astronomical bill each month, the meter reader can decide since it it hotter than shit out, that he can go by what their house used and figure you must use close the same amount. This practice is called GUESS-TIMATING, which is basically FRAUD and in previous years was considered illegal. BUT in 2014, when less than 17 percent of the people who are registered Democrats voted during the midterms, APS installed some Tea Party candidates and now our corporation commission gives them what ever they ask for.

In 2009, when gas prices were so outrageous because of the Bush administration cronies still in power, we had yet another rate increase demand from APS. They wanted more money because they had to buy gas for their drivers. Several customers like myself AND I wrote to the Corporation Commission at the time and they ended up reading my email/letter at the hearing.
It said that APS, like everyone of their customers were experiencing a raise in gas prices. Then they want more money for their cost of doing business which is not fair to their customers.
ALSO: 1) They want a rate hike when the demand for electricity is down and they aren't selling enough.
2) Then they want a rate hike when the demand is high and they sell plenty.
3) Summer is June through August, NOT May through October.

They need to pick a lane and decide what they want. How is it fair that they get both?
How is it fair to GUESS what your electricity usage is?

When the demand is up and they ask for a rate hike, it is like they are saying, "We are making so much money off of our customers right now, that we think we need even MORE money for no reason except that it's something we think we deserve."

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