Sunday, July 26, 2015

Atheistic versus Theistic - The Correct Analogy

I have tried to describe to people for years that atheism isn't a "different opinion" or a "different religion". It occurred to me today that the good ole' toggle switch could be the best analogy so here is my graphic that I designed to help illustrate what I am saying. When you look at an electrical toggle switch, you will notice it says ON and OFF.
It doesn't have a setting for ON and a setting for a different kind of ON.
When the switch is turned off, it isn't a different kind of electricity flowing through the line, there is NO electricity flowing through the line. That is the same with atheism. Not believing in God isn't a belief in some other or a different kind of deity, it is a total absence of belief in a deity.
The same can be said for the difference between conservative and Liberal. One is BIASED - and the other is NOT BIASED, not A DIFFERENT KIND OF BIASED  or Different Form of Bias.
Don't get me wrong - there are extremists, (what I consider uninformed) people on either side or direction. that want things to be extremely biased or biased in the opposite direction but those people are few and far between and not living in reality. They live in a "ideological bubble" and see things so far removed from reality that they want illogical things.
And when it comes to free thinkers and NOT free thinkers, that is pretty much the same thing. NOT FOLLOWING CULTURAL LEADERS OR IDEOLOGIES is free thinking. Some might argue that we are all brought up with some bias or ideology. But when you are actively removing or ignoring those cultural background ideologies, then you are free thinking (using critical thinking skills).
And when you EMBRACE those cultural background ideologies, then you are doing BIASED thinking. I am not talking about political parties, but it seems some people vote against their own best interests and I truly believe it is because they are uniformed and totally brainwashed by cultural background ideologies given them by News, Political, or Openly Bigoted leaders of extremism. Most of those people can't even explain to you where they get their ideas, they just borrowed them from someone else they respect or they were paid to agree with them.
I won't go into Authoritarianism today, I will save that for a different session but it contains cultural ideologies, also. Mainly ones that include one person or type of person being superior to others and HOPEFULLY, we know that we aren't supposed to act like that. 

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