Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Progressives Need to Remember These Points

Hi, folks, I am writing this in response to the smear campaign that everyone in the corporate media has been launching against Bernie Sanders, especially Salon's latest article by Amanda Marcotte, that I read, in it's entirety, this morning.
I want to say something very important to us, as progressives, that I see, concerning Hillary Clinton (and her supporters) - compared to Bernie Sanders.
We have to remember that most of the corporate media is owned by the same people who own everything else and they want us to vote for whoever serves them the best, not for everything that would benefit the middle class American workers.
Most of the mainstream news has almost ignored Sanders, especially FOX NEWS, other than to mention the word "socialist" about him.
Anderson Cooper even did a real hatchet job on Sanders during the Democratic Debate, asking, "Who, on that stage, is NOT for capitalism?" That was a complete non-sequitur, and a logical fallacy, which you should realize, if you have ever read ANYTHING about what Bernie Sanders calls " Democratic Socialism ".

I wish to make a point here, so I divided the remainder of this post into ten points that, IF you are a Hillary supporter, I think you really should read and consider before the election - if you want her to have any chance of winning.

1) Bernie Sanders is a constant component in the history of Civil Rights and Human Rights in this country and IS NOT FOR gun violence, just because he once voted against a gun control bill,
2) But he does live in Vermont.
3) Vermont is in New England.
4) New England, like the Mid-West is one of those sections of the United States where a lot of people hunt for food - so sane people there depend on that source of food.
5) Sanders voted once against a gun control act that had some non-gun control sideline earmarks stuck in the middle of it by Republicans.

(Here is the part that the Hillary propaganda department keeps forgetting to mention.)
6) He voted FOR "FOR" THAT SAME BILL - ONCE IT WAS MODIFIED, and the irrelevant modifications removed.
7) He ALREADY explained that during the debate and still, the mainstream media keeps bringing it up as a talking point, although Clinton herself is attacking him as if that point has something to do with sexism. (WTF?)
8) IT HAS BEEN PROVEN THAT DEMOCRATS, UNLIKE REPUBLICANS, DO NOT VOTE FOR NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNERS, SO, I used to want to vote for Hillary. But the more I hear the dumb things that her supporters (one issue voters) on the left keep whining about, ...that I see are nothing more than contrived delusionally zealous statements, the more I want to vote for Sanders.
9) (ALSO: Please remember.) Clinton's habit of NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN ATTACKS against members of her own party was what lost her the election when she ran against President Obama.
(I hasten to add here that I voted for Obama twice, not because he was the black guy who happened to be smart, but because he was the smart guy who happened to be black. Those of you who want Hillary and are disappointed in the Obama administration for not reigning in the corporations and oil industry better, you can bet you will get MUCH MORE OF the same thing from Hillary Clinton. If you are voting for Hillary simply because you want a woman president, you might want to check your actual priorities about being progressive.)
10) If you want Hillary to win, knock off the STUPID and leave the nonsensical droning of irrelevant talking points - to the GOP.

Thank You For Paying Attention.

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