Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Left Ideology of 'Let's Compromise'

Let me make this clear for anyone who isn't paying attention. There are people on the right who are talking about voting for Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton because most of them realize they are NOT the same type of Democrat.
Hillary Clinton is rich and powerful and experienced. She has been secretary of state - which trumps Bernie on experience. But he hasn't had experience in buckling to anyone. The present administration sees this pie in the sky version of Bi-Partisanship from the GOP that they will NEVER GET in it's true form.
Just like the fact that on race, it is always the minority who is told to forgive and move on. That thinking has caused some racists to think, "Yeah, we won, the law proves again that it sides with us." When it comes to Republican policies, they aren't to be "compromised on", they are WRONG and need to be done away with.
Hillary Clinton has some bad habits. Clinton has been compromising with WRONG for a long time. Bernie doesn't get bought out by anyone.
My point is this: Compromising with WRONG and STUPID isn't compromising, it is giving up.
ANALOGY: (think about this)
If a wolf backs you into a corner and you have been cut off from any defense, is it alright to let him take your arm, hoping he stops to eat that one part, while running towards a fortress where you are safe, hoping he won't come back tomorrow and eat you whole the next time you leave your fortress to feed yourself?
We have already compromised ourselves into disaster and then worked our ways back, at OUR expense, without any penalties for the wolves on Wall Street that created the economic failures at OUR expense, so, please remember this: that isn't good for anyone other than a few people who don't really NEED more money but keep raking it in, because they are stricken with UNLIMITED GREED.
Without the term "conservative bubble", as the media like to call it, (which means we allow political correctness to color our virtues and values, while people live in a delusional state of non-reality) we have what it actually is, propaganda aimed at making stupid people believe it works. (Stupid people never ask for facts and figures, those only confuse them.)
Barry Goldwater said it best, "Politics DEMAND compromise." The right never compromises, because no matter the number of times they are WRONG and proven wrong, they don't want to admit that all today's "conservative" is, is someone who "works around" reality and somehow makes that work in their own minds.
The one point I wish to make here about Hillary Clinton. When, during the debates, she buckled on the one point that Elizabeth Warren has made abundantly clear, the Glass-Steagall Act, I realized that she has been beaten down past greedy moneyed interests or corrupted by money, that she is buying the whole "Just because the people who gamble at the casino on Wall Street wrecked our economy AGAIN, that their invention of the "bubble and bust cycle" that conservatives use as an excuse and which is actually executed by the banks every eight years because Ronny RAY GUNS let them do it, when we actually NEED to return to the policies of the Eisenhower administration on taxes and business, instead of the idea that if business is doing really well, that is the benchmark of what America considers "successful", so there  is NO ROOM FOR COMPROMISE when the other side has already pushed you into a corner.
WE CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONES TO COMPROMISE. That is why I fear Hillary Clinton's experience.

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