Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Thought On God and People With Faith

I am a member of the 12 step program and I am open about that. I am in recovery for over 26 years now. In the beginning, I was told to pray. I didn't know who I was praying to. I was told to pray to God as I don't understand him and that has worked for me for over 26 years. I was in meetings listening to people who said that the more time you pray and meditate (deepest form of prayer or listening to the universe) the better you got at it. I heard one guy who I am sure was full of shit about so many things telling me that and that when we have been around for awhile, we understand more about God. I am here to tell you, no, he was wrong. We just become more able to accept that we can't understand completely what the power is that we call on but as long as it keeps working, like the old adage, "If it's not broken, don't fix it!"
Sometimes it saddens me that so many people I know can only find their higher power through Abrahamic religions that are so wrought with fallacies, hate, and steeped in ancient bronze age mythology. They spew all this language that means something to them while they are somewhat self deluded. I have written about that, and I can logically prove that there is no difference between what some people call "having faith" and "self-delusion". I am not saying the self delusion doesn't work, it does for some. Maybe some people need to be self deluded, I did at first. I was wholly committed to the Holy Bible teachings at one point in my life but so much of scripture is convoluted to serve the deepest dark parts of humans that it is obvious much of it was about profit shares and rationalisations for killing, slavery, rape, misogyny, and all sorts of other xenophobic and homophobic human character flaws. A perfect deity that wasn't full of human emotion would never tell someone how to kill their children or bother to communicate with people in oral ways, or perhaps at all, since we are so prone to misinterpret or reinterpret everything we think we know for the sake of being "righteous".
By religious standards, I am an atheist because I don't believe in religious, dogmatic, pagan like deities. But, as I said, I do have a higher power. I am convinced that the there is a central life force in every belief from every type of enlightened group of people for a reason, but it is not some old man who sits in a throne in the clouds, keeping score, and no one is even.
He doesn't throw lightening bolts (That was Zeus) or cast plagues and doesn't start wars. A spiritual being wouldn't need a sex organ or even a sexual identity so it isn't male or female. A force that is like the life force in all of us, connected, and the closest description I can think of is the thought of Kundalini energy but even that doesn't cover it.
To say that it is in all things is a simplification but the only way I as a human being can recognize it is to watch everything, all people, plants, trees, animals, fish, birds, rocks, earth, water, sky, and nature, It is in everything and we are all connected.
We can't control it through prayer. That would be God doing our will. We are taught that selfish prayer (praying for something you yourself wants) doesn't work. That prayer of meditation, if done properly and long enough, I can find a way to ask to align my will with it, because it doesn't have a man-like will, it just is. That is the closest way that I can describe my higher power.

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  1. I think there are tens of thousands, or more, people who agree with this. I know I do -