Sunday, January 24, 2016

Forbes Magazine Is WRONG For Most Americans

Actually, if you click on the meme and ACTUALLY READ IT, then you would see that most people's income wouldn't be effected at all. The lowest income level of Americans is in the $250,001 - $411,500 range and that would go up 4 percent. 
My first question is, how many average Americans are in that tax bracket? The median Household Income of the average American was Median household income was $53,657 in 2014, not statistically different from the 2013 median in real terms, 6.5 percent lower than the 2007 (the year before the most recent recession) median ($57,357), and 7.2 percent lower than the median household income peak ($57,843) that occurred in 1999. So we were actually making more on 1999 than in 2014. 
That is pretty sad for a supposedly progressive nation. So, my point is that this chart won't even effect the average middle class household. Most people I know living in Arizona would feel rich if they made $60,000 or more a year. During the Bush years, all of the richest Americans' tax burdens were lowered to 39.5 percent and that is what they OWED, but as scrutiny of people like Mitt Romney proved, with the right tax attorneys, even Mitt, who is in the top tax bracket, only paid 14 percent which he still hadn't paid yet for 2 years. 
But, let's look at the actual tax brackets proposed by Bernie Sanders and the progressive revolution. Ask yourself, if these people have been reaping huge tax breaks and the rewards of multiple loopholes (Owing 39.6 percent and only paying 14 percent) and not paying their fair share of taxes since Reagan and both Bushes (for 30 years), all the way up until now, how much are they whining and how much is real? 

Since the only people effected are the people who make over $411,449 a year, then it wouldn't effect most of Americans but since I am not what some people call conservative these days, I care about EVERYONE not just myself, so unfairness shouldn't happen to anyone. 
OK, let's go:
The people in the $411,500 - $464,850 range would go up 2 percent.
The people in the $464,851 - $50,000 range would ACTUALLY GO DOWN 2.6 percent.
The people in the $500,001 - $2 million range would go up 3.4 percent.
The people in the $2 million - $10 million range would go up 8.4 percent.
The people in the $10 million+ range would go up 12.4 percent.

SO, I ask you.  is this what you think is fair or not? During the Eisenhower administration, when we were the richest world in the nation and had full cooperation of almost everyone and so were considered "The Land of Opportunity", Eisenhower made sure the richest Americans (Earning over $1million a year) paid 78 to 90 percent of their income because we were paying off war debts and so on. So when stupid TV news commentators say, "I just don't know what happened to America since the fifties." they are refusing to mention that what happened is corporate welfare, greedy bankers, and politicians who give a handful of rich people whatever they want while the rest us have to struggle for each of those 30 years. 

So, when you start hearing any conservatives telling you that Bernie wants to "socialize" and RUIN our country, make them read  this. 

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