Monday, January 25, 2016

What I Would Like To Say to President Obama

I want to say to my president that I voted twice for, not because he was the black guy who happened to be smart, but because he was the smart guy who happened to be black. I am disappointed in some things.
Bill Clinton signed some of the maximum sentence bill into legislation that you are trying to undo. He bought into the Republican outsourcer's wet dream, the North American Foreign Trade Agreement. Since you stopped the XL pipeline go ahead, I salute you on that. The TPPA makes me skeptical. Foreign trade agreements haven't worked out for the United States. I leave it up to you, you are much smarter than I am and I concede to that.
BUT when it came to endorsing Hillary Clinton OVER Bernie Sanders, I thought that was a little too Nepotistic and was a matter of backing the wrong horse
When I first heard about Bernie, I too, thought, "No one who calls himself a socialist can get elected in the United States.:" Funny, I thought the same thing about you. I remember when all my black friends (I have many.) were telling me that, "America isn't ready for a black president." Oprah wasn't the only one who started crying when you got elected. I sensed the changing of America coming on. I got emotional then and still do at that thought. REAL PROGRESS is going to take, as you asked for, a congress that will work with you. Hillary Clinton has already made many enemies on the other side of the aisle. I know you haven't failed us we failed you because the GOP on state elections and midterms for congress has rigged the districts, suppressed voting and young people don't realize voting in the midterms matters. The same young people who voted you into office didn't come out in the midterms TWICE and so we have the Tea Party idiots in congress.
There are two other things that Bill Clinton let the GOP trick him into. He didn't veto NAFTA and he didn't oppose the Glass Steagall repeal.  As Elizabeth Warren has been very adamant in dressing down Right Wing "think tank" trumpeters, Glass Steagall was the premiere piece of legislation that kept us from having any more Bubble and Burst Cycles that are invented by Goldman Sachs and others every eight years to line their own pockets with tax payer money in a bailout after they intentionally bet on idiocy. Goldman Sachs is the leader of every financial crisis, INCLUDING the great depression  Hillary Clinton gets paid to give speeches there. Would you trust her after knowing that. Joe the "Average Guy" doesn't. I wouldn't step in their building on friendly terms, even if they paid me, because I despise what they stand for. Those people should have all gone to jail.
As you, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton have all said before, Wall Street bankers, not people on food stamps, not old people on Social Security and Medicare, created the recession and financial crises because they are considered TOO BIG TO be responsible for their own actions, and Hillary doesn't care, is what I am hearing.
Hillary Clinton has tried to label Bernie Sanders as someone who wants to "take away" healthcare when he is in fact the one person in congress who has tried to make sure EVERYONE has healthcare. Your goal in the ACA isn't going to be undone, it is merely going to be augmented. His tax plan doesn't effect the working class citizens, as is correct in my opinion. You have seen what the people like Mitt Romney do when given a tax break. They worm it into a huge profit and walk away with monies that will never see taxing and will never be given back to American businesses. If you give a tax break to a working class mom, she spends it on clothes and her children's education.
You yourself said, " Republicans have moved not just to the right but to a place that is unrecognizable. We need a healthy two-party system where both parties are contributing to a constructive vision of the country and help us make progress."  You are correct. Hillary Clinton, as most people know, started out as a Republican during the Goldwater years when they were sane. We had presidents I admired, like Ike Eisenhower who wrote his farewell address warning us about the military industrial complex. We, as you know, have been in several wars or at least confrontations since him, to support them. Vietnam and Iraq are black marks are American reputation. I hope GW, while walking you around and schmoozing you, didn't fall for his hogwash.
Mrs. Clinton also doesn't oppose the Citizens United ruling, which will be the destruction of our democracy. The majority of actual progressive Democrats view her as Republican Light and something to be feared and YOU instead, endorsed her with her financial institution pandering and war hawkish ways.
You HAVE, and I would like to thank you for this, ended the Iran controversy with dialogue. I salute you, and the Dalai Lama salutes you.
John Kerry made a phone call recently and got our ten Navy seamen home. You have used drones instead of boots on the ground. You use your brain instead of your mouth but I am afraid your emotional attachment to Mrs. Clinton has clouded your judgement and I want to see someone do more than attacks like she did against you in 2008. You were gracious enough to give her a job in your cabinet where she is best suited. She is a bulldog in a pants suit. That is a good thing. She needs to stay there.
Hillary Clinton isn't insane like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump but she isn't progressive the way this country needs because she has been drug too far to the right and she somehow doesn't see that, probably because of speaking fees and other soft bribes from banks and big businesses, that she is only a few morals above some Republicans. Please don't step on Bernie because some people follow you implicitly and would follow blindly wrong or right.
Thank You.

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