Saturday, February 20, 2016

Get A Real Job!

I found an article on a website that was posted by a Facebook friend today. When I looked for an author's credit, I found the name Moira Mora under edited and then the credit TMZ. This is what it said,
"...Just when we thought this Beyonce boycott matter couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, here comes another update."
(That is an understatement. This article is smoke and mirrors that explains or verifies NO SOURCES.)
"...The New York Police Department reportedly wants the “Formation” singer to come forth and explain to the public that her Super Bowl performance wasn’t an attack on cops, according to TMZ."
(The whole department called? That must have been one hell of a conference call!)
"...“Our NYPD sources admit they don’t believe Beyonce was advocating hostility toward police in her homage to the Black Panthers. Problem is … they say that’s the way it came across for millions of viewers,” states the site. Sources say cops are not happy and don’t want the singer to promote violence, though they’re willing to protect her once she explains her motive behind the performance."
(Once again, who the fuck is THEY? they say that's the way it came across for millions of viewers? Are those viewers stupid? How does "stop shooting us" advocate violence towards anyone?)
"...This comes shortly after Miami police decided to boycott the singer’s upcoming concert in their city this April...." 
(No, they weren't. They do their job, that is what the police do. You posted this to make it seem like someone was only going to change their minds based on your say so.)

It seems definite to me that TMZ and the rest of the media trolls are out there trying to turn something that wasn't anything into a fight between the police and Beyonce's entertainment company. That just isn't so, if it is, it was one sided. This whole, "Look at us, we are writing something!" like a little kid screaming for the mommy to watch them jump off the diving board for the first time, thing with the media is getting monotonous. They need to find a real story and write about that or STFU, NOW!

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