Monday, February 8, 2016

My Email From Alan Grayson

I know this is just a form letter type of email but I thought since there are some vast differences in the kinds of people and their campaigns running for President as Democrats that I would include this tidbit like a foot note. This is a good portion of the email I received from Alan Grayson.

Here goes:

"...This campaign is going to be one for the political science textbooks. Any political consultant in Washington will tell you that if you want to run for office and win, you have to sell out to big corporations and the billionaire class. They’ll tell you that it’s the only way you can raise the money you need to reach voters.

We don’t do that. And we still lead in the polls. But how?

For those of you keeping score at home, the answer is YOU.

Yes, you. I’m the only Member of Congress who raises the majority of his House campaign funds from donations under $200. The only one. Bernie Sanders is the only one in the Senate, so if Bernie is elected President and leaves the Senate this year, then I’ll be the only one in the Senate next year. (Or you’ll get to see the Sanders-Grayson tag team in the Senate, which would be a blast.)"

OK, so I am left to wonder many things but Alan Grayson and Bernie Sanders have always impressed me like Elizabeth Warren does. Just something in the way they speak touches something in me that makes me trust them. You decide.

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