Monday, May 9, 2016

Let's Call It What It Is, PLEASE!

I want to preface this by saying I wrote this as a response to the inane raving article written by Chez Pazienza at
I posted a comment twice as long as this and they won't allow anything I write on this website, evidently because my ArizonaMildman comment doesn't appear there.
"I believe this incident was staged because I have realized that Clintons use the same Karl Rove style dirty tricks that all Republicans do, by hiring their same campaign strategists and propagandists, like David Brock, who says he will deliver the election for Clinton. If you don't believe he said that, here: That is why I think of them as Republicans. They can't win if they don't cheat. The sign that man was holding at the Clinton rally was about the never ending war that the Clinton regime wants us thrown into against our wills - to help the media and the Military Industrial Complex make huge profits but I see the author of this post doesn't mention one word about the issues in this article. 
You want expletives? Good, here is one for you. I call BULLSHIT on this entire article and the never ending VICTIM SCENARIO that all the "Clinton-istas", as many of the mainstream media has dubbed them, like this blogger is obviously, keep trying to paint the primary with. 
One more angry expletive remark is that Clinton isn't being targeted because she is either a woman, a victim, weak, or someone precious, she is being outed for being what she is, an angry, deceptive, evasive, lying asshole and a war hawk who converses with, regularly, and admires Henry Kissinger (Who most people who were alive in that time period, consider a worse war criminal than Dick Cheney, and she has become an oligarch who has turned her political career from being a Goldwater bigot into a high finance "foundation" owner, whose stance on Wall Street criminals is to hang out with them, including Madeleine Albright who is now a hedge fund manager. 
Then there is her daughter who is already making millions for being born a Clinton (Yeah, she is your average kid next door, right.). 
Put all that in your article next time for some reality check talking points."

Final point here, they "edited out" my comment since it would have been all the truth and would have made their victim narrative sound as silly and immature sounding as it is.

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