Friday, June 17, 2016

My Review Of LA Fitness On Bell Road in Glendale

Let me preface this with, "I am probably not considered normal for a gym member."  I used to lift weights with serious body builders and power lifters, BUT, can't do everything I did anymore because of an injury coupled with my age (stuff doesn't heal like it used to). I am used to gyms with weights and benches and guys, with the exception of a few ladies, where they get done WHILE having a conversation (not standing around even when exercising or stopping to talk) and so I am spoiled. I should mention here that many big public "membership" commercial gyms are the same way. I am used to going in, getting my routine done, then relax and chill out in the sauna afterwards. I guess I have a certain idea of what a gym is. It isn't a place to visit, pickup someone, hang out talking for hours, or do anything but a planned set of exercises and get a shower and go home. I listen to music without letting it interrupt my workout. I don't carry my cell phone with me while working out.
I am somewhat "disgruntled" and I know it, because,... I am one of the castaways from the merger/sell out of 24 Hour Fitness with LA Fitness.
We were told nothing would change. Then they changed our hours. Then they closed our gym. Those are big monumental changes. That also means we were lied to. We had a nice gym that was kind of crowded during certain hours but you didn't have to go during the busy time because they were open 24 hours. I LIKED THAT.
I have to drive only about a mile further, BUT, now there are two gyms worth of people crammed into one gym because you can't come in late, so they are all in each other's way most of the afternoon/evening. There is no time limit on equipment as there is in many gyms, so there are people there who 1) don't really come to exercise (they pick one machine or piece of equipment and set it with almost no weight and use it for hours - because they think not really exercising or pretending to try is cool, while everyone else waits to use that machine) , 2) can't really exercise because they are too out of shape and need to stop eating as much as well as work their way up by riding a bicycle or go on the lifecycle or eliptical (cardio) before using weight machines, or 3) people who are new to exercise and can't understand that your phone/mp3 player adjustments shouldn't interrupt your machine usage time WHILE PEOPLE ARE WAITING IN LINE.
Some people are just selfish pigs, then you have the ignorant and loud people (usually the same egomaniacs) who have to yell at each other from one to two feet away like someone who is overly intoxicated, partially deaf, or just stupid. NO matter what the reason it is just rude, not cool. Most serious people doing exercise like to concentrate, not listen to someone make noise unnecessarily, and we know they are insecure and crave attention, SO,  they should go to a bar. Bars are full of people like that.
Some people can easily see that they have a whole place full of equipment but they would rather exercise on the stairs, the middle of the aisle where everyone is trying to walk. or use the machines as a gathering/chatting place/ or leaning post/stool OR to do calisthenics that they should actually be doing at home - while people wait in line to get done with their exercise routine. They actually have 2 large mats at this gym, in areas big enough for everyone who wants to do calisthenics to do so, but they would rather impress people by stopping their routine, while blocking the floor area walkway, and taking time away from using the machine we are all waiting for. This type also, usually spends about a half hour to 45 minutes 'admiring themselves in the mirror' in the locker room, also.
I know this is hard to believe but, ...
The really stupid people use a blow dryer meant for people's hair to dry off instead of using a towel. (What an a**hole!) It causes their own personal flood zone on the floor that all of us have to walk on, and wastes time, making excessive noise.
I like to relax when I get through working out, but there is always someone in the spa area who either thinks the spa is for exercising (when there is a whole gym out there), making all the wood benches creak and groan constantly or someone listening to music that doesn't seem to realize the rest of us can't hear it, and that his/her drumming on the wood benches (while trying to relax in the heat) is vibrating through everyone else's butt and feet and it isn't musical, it is just AGGRAVATING AND ANNOYING!
A gym isn't where people are supposed to go to hook up - it is where you go to exercise and go home. If you meet someone of the opposite sex or want to stand/sit around bulls**ting, go to Starbucks or a singles bar, they are designed for that purpose.
I have been to U-Fit and one of the best things they have there is their target training exercise room with a timer that tells you to move on. The time limit on machines (not free weights) in most gyms, is supposed to be 20 MINUTES, MAXIMUM. That doesn't mean that you are supposed to show up with a group of 3 to four people and monopolize the machines/weights (The dumbass excuse, "But we each get twenty minutes, right?"), that is bullying and ego maniacal 'Only Guy On Earth Syndrome'.
And while I am on the subject of exercise machine etiquette, if you walk away from a machine for several minutes, then, you can't walk up to whoever is actually trying to work out and go home, and say, "I was using that," because OBVIOUSLY, you weren't, you were standing around bull**ting or using other equipment, which means you moved on. Here is the bottom line on that, ...
etc. don't save your place on a machine you already left. Just like in the supermarket, the people who think putting their cart in line, telling the person behind them to save their place, while they finish their shopping, is waiting their turn, and IT ISN'T, YOU SELFISH A**HOLE!
But LA Fitness wants to market themselves as a meeting place (Meat Market) where they have classes and personalized trainers for a fee, and everyone else is on their own with no rules or discipline. Therefore, it has become a point of interest for the rude and selfish egomaniacs.
ONE MORE THING, When you go to a gym, the more noise you make while exercising is annoying, there is a thing called concentration and if you are groaning, screaming, moaning, or yelling at your friends or the pain of trying to exercise with too much weight, there is no one keeping score, so you don't extra "exercise points" or sound like someone who accomplished something/is trying harder, You are merely an obviously insecure person, like most loud people, begging for attention. STFU!
And we pay for the privilege to be treated like this! (SMH) And whistling in the locker room because you never went to gym class in school, and are trying to act like you aren't nervous getting undressed/naked in front of other men/women is REALLY OBVIOUS as well as annoying. Are you that overjoyed to see another person naked? IF NOT, STFU, PLEASE! 

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