Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Feeding the Trolls

Normally, I am one of the people who says, "Don't Feed The Trolls", which means, don't bother to argue with people who only come online to piss you off. This is a different situation because this is a political troll.  If not corrected, some people might be influenced by their lies.
They are part of the 'legion' of trolls that work for David Brock and other political operatives that come on social media, open a fake profile to hide behind, and then post things to, as the term 'Political Troll' states, "...Their purpose is to distract from the real important issues that they are supposed to be dealing with and distracting voters and the news media away from primary scandals and real issues that are going on. Their stories are intended to anger or cause fear to sway voters, if nothing more than for short term public opinion and votes."
I will give you some of his Wiki profile:
"...David Brock (born November 2, 1962) is an American political operative, author, and commentator who founded the liberal blog Media Matters for America.[1] He has been described by Time magazine as “one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party.”
Later it says, "...The Nation has described Brock as a “conservative journalistic assassin turned progressive empire-builder”;[6] National Review has called him a “right-wing assassin turned left-wing assassin”;[7] and Politico has profiled him as a “former right-wing journalist-turned-pro-Clinton crusader.”
So, here goes:
This is the post that I read about in a meme form on Facebook, when I looked up Amy Ninetto at https://www.facebook.com/people/Amy-Ninetto/100004910105000 ,  what I found was an empty page, no pictures, no details, no comments including this one. as I can see readily it is one of David Brock's fake profiles he started to be able to troll our pages and make excuses for his right wing queen, Hillary Clinton.

To the Clintonistas who think they can a) switch candidates on us, as if we don't have a choice or enough brains to know that doesn't mean we're getting a good deal, b) force us out of an election process, c) purposely influence the media and trolls like this to ignore the issues and tell us to vote for them anyway because they threaten us with Donald J. Trump - I have some things to say.
1) WE are the people who vote by issues and your stance on issues will have to change if you expect us to vote for you, PERIOD.
2) This isn't about us not voting for you because of revenge for spitting in our faces and cheating us out of a fair election.
3) You may have scared the uniformed wusses in our party to vote for you despite your candidate being a war mongering liar who is an opportunist and an undercover Republican. Let me list for you a few things others have said about your meme, that sum up how I feel.

"...I was a little upset until I noticed this message was for "dems." The problem here is that most of us Bernie supporters weren't Democrats to start with and won't be switching over now. The DNC has screwed it's chances of picking up the independent voters who switched over for Bernie. #demexit is about to begin."   (I will mention here, as this commenter stated, the word "Dems" is a Republican slang term like "Libs or Libturds" which is what gave this troll away to begin with. The fake meme poster outed themselves as a troll right there.)

And another comment stated, "...rigged primaries, skewed debates, suppressed voters, turned a blind eye to fraud, and rewards dws (Debbie Wasserman Schultz who resigned because of corruption evidence and the impending scandal.) with a job well done. Sure, I'll throw my hands up and vote for her....NO. If this is what she's capable of without presidential power, what will happen with it?"

I will explain about your empty threat scare tactics, supposedly Trump and his agenda.
A)What good does it do to vote for a person who is more capable and ready of keeping us in a never ending war for profit, who we know is connected to the Military Industrial Complex through the most evil people in the world, the Carlyle Group and the Saudi and Israeli war machines?
B) What guarantees do you have that Clinton will follow through on the foreign relations with Mexico when she didn't bother to do anything about immigration reform in the entire almost eight years she has been Secretary of State and in charge of foreign relations?
C) How did Trump make you think he can change the nation and the Supreme Court on abortion or anything else that he rouses stupid people by talking about, when, NO ONE HAS in over fifty years? Hillary Clinton doesn't guarantee any better when she is cozied up to all the worst right wing monsters in American and foreign societies through her "foundation".
D) What does it matter that Trump might endorse more Scalia type right wing to the Supreme Court when Clinton actually picked a right wing Democrat, like herself, to be her Vice President? How do we know she won't she wants one to be, as was said about Sarah Palin, "A heartbeat away from being in charge of the entire American military."?

Now, the rest is pure hogwash. The fact that I have proven to myself already is that you are a David Brock/Hillary Campaign troll and this is what you said next, "I am not a real fan of Hillary, either, (Then why would you make a fake Facebook profile to influence us independent issue voters into voting for Hillary, TROLL?) but Trump is a national emergency."  The first half is laughable but the part about Trump - most of us have figured out that he is only on the stage, like you, to scare us into voting for Clinton, the fascist.

"...Sometimes you don't get to choose who you get into the lifeboat with. You just want someone who can row."
Let me please enlighten you;
A) this isn't a lifeboat in which I have no choice in getting in, and even then I can choose to drown rather than to die with a fool,
B) I want someone who can row, true that, but I want someone who rows in the CORRECT direction away from the disaster, not towards it. So take that shit and shove it back up your ass.

Let me give you a lesson in informed voters, we vote based on the issues and you seem to want US to ignore your candidate's stances on issues and vote for her because of A) she is our only hope against Trump and B) because of  Trump being a disaster.
You called everything we cherish unimportant and our voting for Independents a "protest" vote.
PLEASE! Let me correct you.

WE DO NOT VOTE FOR INDEPENDENTS LIKE JILL STEIN BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU AND YOUR PARTY DID TO US, WE VOTE FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY CARE AND WANT TO PUT INTO LEGISLATION THE ISSUES WE CARE ABOUT. THEIR STANCES ON THESE ISSUES ARE LIKE OURS. THAT IS WHY WE VOTE FOR THEM. CHANGE YOUR STANCE ON THE ISSUES (Which Secretary Clinton can't because she is beholding to investors, in both, her campaign and the Clinton Foundation, and because her voting record already shows that she doesn't care about our issues, and so won't do anything about them, no matter what she lies about and says from the podium.) OR EXPECT TO BE IGNORED.

(There I said it, even if it was to a fake meme from a fake profile written by a fake person who will champion any position for the right price.)

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  1. Her voting record??? The one that is 93% the same as Bernie's voting record?? That one?