Sunday, July 24, 2016

Is Anyone Really Surprised?

When I read things like this, there is a mixture of feelings, from disgust and resentment, to confusion and having to realize that I just don't want to believe that my vote doesn't count when certain people decide to take over our country. They did the same in 2000 and 2004 and it is the same crooked players at work.
To those of you who said to me and everyone who realized this, "Oh, you are being unrealistic, you just lost." I have two words. You know what they are.
To anyone who is surprised or even confused at learning that the DNC and especially DWS, cheated and rigged the election, despite the fact that the majority of voters have been saying exactly that for about 9 months, this is what being in denial gets you.
This is the only way a flip flopping, lying, corporate stooge, undercover Republican. who considers a war criminal like Henry Kissinger and a hedge fund manager, Madeleine Albright, her mentors - can possibly win against a peace loving, consistent on all issues, caring about all people type, real American.
I have always seen the cut of her cloth. She is still trying to say that; a) the repeal of Glass/Steagall that caused our economic crisis later on, b) the enactment of free trade agreements, especially like NAFTA that sent our factory jobs over seas and to Mexico and destroyed our factory base (in order to lose our economic superiority and especially hurt the minority community, causing many to enlist in our volunteer army, which was the purpose all along.), and c) the sentencing reform act, that unfairly sentenced one time drug abusers and especially black males, into prison for decades, which also led to our mass incarceration problems (in order to support "for profit prisons) were NOT massively bad ideas caused by her husband, Bill Clinton, and her not admitting that any of this was wrong, especially since she doesn't even understand or find any wrong in, Citizens United, then, Hillary Clinton is a big part of what is wrong in this country and definitely isn't someone who should be in ANY form of government , let alone an extremely influential power situation.
To those of you who are still in denial and trying to blame this on the media, I say, "Please wake the fuck up and smell the coffee!"
This morning a friend of mine said he had given up on Bernie and was going to vote for Hillary, because like Benghazi was months ago, TRUMP. Those of you who haven't been aware, he is a clown who has been put into place, not to win, but the crash the Republican Party into their coffin with a resounding thud, just like he has, and was never going to win.
Listing his future advisers to explain your wishy-washy-ness (like the majority of the Bush administration's cronies), is like saying, "Well if unicorns start flying around, then we will have to worry that horny horse shit is going to start falling on us!"
It isn't going to happen, it never was, he was put in place to scare people into voting for Hillary and many of you fell for it. When even the Bush family, the biggest corporate whore, war mongering group of psychopaths, are endorsing her, then you really should know that fix was in LONG AGO, only this time we were watching for it and they got caught.
The fact that the party named after democracy, undermined democracy, makes me sick.

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