Monday, July 25, 2016

Moral Compass - Left, Right, and Centrist

This morning I see some blogger trying to be kind by calling the right wing Democrat pick by Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, a centrist. Let me explain to those who don't know. It is really easy to see who is centrist or not, real centrists believe in reality and facts, nothing more. Atheists are centrists, also. When one religion over another tries to tell a centrist that their religion (based on mythology) is the "only" or "right" one because of nonsense on top of nonsense comments about mythical people or fables, they politely let them know that they don't believe in any of them, including Satanism that is merely a branch of Middle Eastern religious mythology (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic), constructed mostly on selfish desires.
For instance, Tim Kaine, who has always been noted for taking on a corporatist/fascist (I will mention here that corporatism and fascism are the same thing for anyone who didn't know) Republican style - calling for deregulation of safety concerns and most ethics, all the time in his career, IS NOT centrist.
Calling a war hawk, corporatatist/fascist who is trying to get elected based on being female, having political policy experience, and having lots of experience being on the wrong side of history, repeatedly, who is also married to the biggest undercover Republican that we ever had in the White House. ... A CENTRIST (!!!) is like saying the boat tour at Niagara Falls is 'kind of misty' because of the humidity. There is a reason everyone on the boat wears rain gear and some people need oxygen  masks.

You see there is a reason for a two party system. ONE party is supposed to be liberal/progressive, to use both descriptions. The other is supposed to be conservative/regressive.
Just because someone runs for office under the liberal/progressive ticket doesn't make them voting for conservative/regressive stances on all issues, a "centrist" that makes them conservative/regressive. The same is true of someone who runs under the conservative party banner and adopts mostly progressive ideas. They jumped ship, not compromised. For instance, abortion was decided long ago but some bring up arguments everyday as if somehow they will find some new excuse to over rule the majority. Some politicians say that they are for some issues and policies to get elected and then don't vote the way they said during elections, which is not  misleading, it is LYING, and they all need to be confronted on that corruption.
Believing the idea that we all should believe that tree hugging, sunshine, lollipops, cotton candy, and rainbow colored unicorns are things that we all need to champion in our own lives - is LEFT of center. (I am all for animal rights for your pets but animals we raise for food aren't in that category, so, grow up past a 5 year old mentality and get over it.) Extreme left/liberal people who are like I just described are as disgusting, if not more so - to true centrists - as are Fascist/Right Wing/Conservative types. (We don't need to save the planet, we need to save ourselves. Everything is connected and when we destroy any of it, human beings will eventually suffer.)
Centrists are not concerned with any of most issues demanded by either side.
THE MOST SIMPLE way of defining it is this, "If it works in your life and experience and makes perfect sense with your critical thinking research of the issue, then it is good. If not, it isn't really an issue and so it isn't worth discussing except to point out where they are wrong, periodically. Those periodic times happen when something stupid "this way comes" into the centrist's life, effecting him/her negatively.
Believing that nothing matters except for businesses and your own circle of family and friends, that corporations are people, that the fascist government dictators are supposed be respected and saluted while doing something completely wrong, and that biblical fantasy mythology is real, is conservative/regressive. (It didn't used to be. I grew up around people like Ike Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater, who was ignorant on racial issues but compassionate on many others.)
Seeing facts, as in scientific facts, and everything that you can prove and know to be good, including passion and equality for all human beings is CENTRIST so, don't calls fascism and it's supporters CENTRIST because that would be a big compliment to them and an honor that they don't deserve, along with being a extreme lie and an EXTREME insult to actual Centrists.
And, in summation, believing in conflicting right and left ideologies because of the notion that you have to respect both sides of any beliefs is politically correct, isn't centrist, that is just delusionally confused and ignorant. Black isn't white and white isn't black and trying to call them both shades of grey isn't being cooperative, it is just f**king stupid! Being wrong based on lack of information coupled with wishful thinking and cultural conditioning is just wrong, not your opinion.

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