Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why The Federal Reserve Is Nothing But A Scam

I will begin this with a video that I am writing this, in reaction to, not against, because it speaks the absolute truth that I have been trying to tell people for years. They look at me like they think it is a complicated conspiracy theory.

I hope everyone is paying attention to every word of this. This guy is speaking the truth in public.
I will be surprised if someone hasn't shot him. Two presidents, John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln said these things and tried to enact legislation to get rid of these "central banks" that have the audacity to call themselves "The Federal Reserve" in the United States. We know how they both ended up immediately afterwards.
The idea that this is a conspiracy theory is propaganda and a lie itself. This shows someone from the banking industry explaining why the system that creates poverty and keeps it that way for their own profit is truly at fault for doing what they have been doing since Eisenhower left office. They create money for some that doesn't really have anything backing it and then when they fall short (when people demand their real value) they take it out of taxpayers funds and act like that is "how democratic capitalism works".
(I want to mention here that the politicians who scream about the "free market regulating itself" don't tell you this part on purpose, they are LYING to cover the fact that the system that they call democratic capitalism, which was developed by the same people who want us to believe that the bible is 100 percent accurate, only works on paper.
The problem for them is that the American people and people around the world have woken up and are demanding this be changed. They try to demonize 'actual free market capitalism', which creates prosperity for all, by calling it socialism, because America has "ruling class families" that aren't satisfied with being on the same level with everyone else and demand, selfishly that they have everyone else's share. Their families were built on slavery and criminal activity, like bootlegging and smuggling.)
The recession in 2008 wasn't an anomaly, it was a repeated planned action that we noticed, because the media reported it like they have been manipulated and repressed from doing before.  That is actually how the central banks work and how they have been working since their inception, it was just that this time WE NOTICED because of two things, A) this time more people were involved and got hurt, making it more obvious, and B) people no long believe this is the greatest country in the world and that everything is so 'star spangled wonderful' here, when people are stealing from us to keep from admitting to the rich that they gambled all their money away at the casino on Wall Street.

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