Sunday, April 23, 2017

HOW TO Convert YouTube Music to MP3 Files To Save On Your Computer

Hi Folks,
I decided to do a How To instructional page on converting YouTube music to MP3 files. Knowing how to do that allows you to have access to free music that you otherwise would have to buy on a CD. All you need is internet access and your computer. I use a Windows 10 desktop.
I would suggest that, if you want to save the files for being mobile, that you use an MP3 player with a USB connection or a USB drive. You can insert headphones into an MP3 player to listen or plug the USB drive into a computer or laptop to listen using music software like Windows Media Player. 
BUT you can save them to a file on your computer, if you prefer. MP3s are perfect since they are small files, memory wise, so one can save hundreds, maybe thousands, on an 8GB USB drive.

Let's get started. 
First you have to do the hard part. Go to and select which song you want to convert and save first. Scroll down the page until you see the SHARE 'bent arrow' icon 
Share Icon
Now, click on the word Share.

Next, right click on the highlighted URL in the Share window. Select "copy". 

Note: there are several YouTube to MP3 converters out there for free, but I suggest you use what I consider the safest and easiest, entitled "LISTENTOYOUTUBE.COM" at ,  

(I am not campaigning for them but I will suggest that once in a while you donate to their site to keep them in business and free. Several sites are no longer free because NO ONE was giving them money to stay in business anymore.)

Next, in the search window that says, Paste The YouTube URL Here, click paste. 
Hit the blue button that says GO and when the page changes, it will say, 

"Conversion complete. Your file is being prepared for download..." and will have the link say, "CLICK HERE to get your Download Link" and so, do that. 

Now, when the "Save As" page comes up, decide which file, thumb drive, or disk to save the music file to. Go ahead and collect yourself a library, using this method over and over. You might want to print out these instructions so you can do it whenever you want. 

Congratulations! You are now an MP3 geek/professional. You can save music for friends and family and anyone who isn't up on the latest way to save music. Buy extra USB drives and save whole libraries for someone you care about. Enjoy!